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Dharma Deck

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ISBN : 9781886069510
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Humility, realization, hope and fulfillment, freedom, progress and reality?wouldn't you like to hear what the sages have had to say on these matters? Each card in this soulful deck offers a pure moment of sincere reflection. From the timeless wisdom that gave birth to such concepts as karma, mantra, and samsara, comes 52 enlightening adages. On Words: No enemy, weapon, poison, or terrible illness can upset someone like harsh words. No moon, water, sandalwood paste, or cool breeze can refresh someone as sweet words can. ? Bhagavad Gita On Consciousness: As fire lights the wood it consumes, so the soul illuminates the body with consciousness. ? Srimad Bhagavatam Offering insight and inspiration from mother India's Vedic tradition, these cards also feature breathtaking imagery of her sacred lands and people.

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