• Discovering The New Testament

Discovering The New Testament

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ISBN : 9781683595915
Publisher : Lexham Press
Author : mark j. keown
Binding : Hardback
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Discovering the New Testament is a new and comprehensive introduction to the New Testament in three volumes, reflecting current research and scholarship in New Testament studies. Each volume provides a thorough discussion of background issues as well as treating theological themes and practical application. In this third volume, Mark J. Keown surveys Hebrews, the General Epistles, and Revelation. In addition to covering introductory matters, Keown addresses key concerns for each book, such as the use of the Old Testament in Hebrews, James's view of justification, the relationship of 2 Peter and Jude, and Revelation's various interpretative approaches. Ideal for college or seminary students, Discovering the New Testament provides numerous maps and charts as well as discussion questions for each chapter and a focus on real--life relevance and application.

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