• The Secret Seven Short Story Collection 6

The Secret Seven Short Story Collection 6

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ISBN : 9781444969955
Publisher : Hodder & Stoughton Books Ltd
Author : enid blyton
Binding : Box Set
Weight : 0.50 (in KGs)
Category : General
Sub Category : Children's & Young Adult
Sub Sub Category : ENGLISH
Sub Category 2 : N/A

Adventure on the Way Home A big fight has broken out, and the Seven need to stop it before someone gets hurt. But is the fight all it appears to be? An Afternoon with the Secret Seven Peter is running the hoopla-stall, but when Fred offers him a pony ride, Scamper is left in charge. When Peter returns Scamper and the money are missing! The Humbug Adventure When the gang go star-gazing, they soon get bored and spy on the town - and see someone setting a haystack on fire. Will the Seven act fast enough to save the barn? Where are the Secret Seven? When the Secret Seven visit a haunted house they discover it is not empty after all. Soon, they are trapped inside. How will they escape? The Secret of Old Mill Peter and Janet think Old Mill is perfect for their Seven Society meetings - until they make a startling discovery about some stolen goods. So the gang hatch a plan to wait for the thieves to come back ... Hurry, Secret Seven, Hurry! An injured signalman tries to give his rescuers an important message - but only the Secret Seven can understand it! Can the Seven act fast enough to prevent a disaster?

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